Things You Didn't Know About Me

Things you might not know about me...

#1) I love Wild berry Aquafina Flavor Splash Water.
#2) I worked as an administrative assistant for a very well known and excellent charity.
#3) I am addicted to hand lotion.
#4) I walk almost everyday for a minimum of 1.6 miles
#5) I have a brother and a sister.
#6) I love hummus.
#7) I collect coins, in particular large cents.
#8) I love to swim.
#9) I am a book snob and prefer the following authors:
      *Ernest Hemingway
       *John Steinbeck
       * Hunter S Thompson
       *Joanne Fluke
       *Joanna Carl
       *Laurien Berenson
#10) I am a major Kate Gosselin fan. Yes, you read that right. I love Kate.
#11) I have a crush on the Man with the Yellow Hat from Curious George. Yes, I am a mom, and my son watches Curious George too often!
#12) I have too many bottles of nail polish and chap stick for any one woman to ever use.
#13) I love crows. They are my favorite bird.
#14) I enjoy doing oil pastel art.
#15) Baking homemade bread is my passion.
#16) I dream of going to Africa when my children are a little older.
#17) I never get enough sleep.
#18) I have been married for 3 years, but I lived with my husband for almost 11 years before getting married.
#19) My children will all have a name that ties into my all time life changing favorite book To Kill A Mockingbird.
#20) I am a know it all. And I am proud of it.
#21) I am semi famous for my no bake cookie recipes.
#22) I am an avid recycler. I feel passionate about reducing my impact on the environment.
#23) I rarely listen to music unless I am in the car.
#24) I love the podcast I Sell Comics.
#25) I secretly enjoy watching Comic Book Men... even though I do not like comic books. Go figure.
#26) My Favorite Movies are:
*The Prize Winner From Defiance Ohio
*Pootie Tang
*A Winged Migration
*Fan Boys
#27) I have 2 pet turtles.
#28) I love quotations.
#29) I am addicted to my blogs.
#30) I let people walk all over me.
#31) I am not always Sweet and Silly. I can be rather stuffy and grumpy.
#32) I have a great memory.
#33) I admire Martha Stewart in a hero-worship kind of way. That woman is amazing.
#34) I wake up at 1:34 a.m. every night.
#35) I hate needles!
#36) I over indulge my son. I can't help it, he is so cute and cuddly that I want him to have everything he wants!
#37) I never leave my son alone with anyone other than my husband. Even when the sitter comes, she is just here to play with him while I get some work finished. We are working to change that.
#38) I have given away nearly everything I owned and started over.
#39) I hate living in Galion, Ohio. You can see the end of the world from this place.
#40) I really want to move to Michigan.
#41) I won't use shampoo you can buy in a grocery store.
#42) I am an ebay addict... in recovery.
#43) I make paper crafts, coasters, beads and I am learning origami.
#44) I read everyday before bed.
#45) I feel blessed by the friends I have made via my blog.
#46) I spend way too much time on facebook.
#47) I think my husband is the best looking guy in the world. He is like my own life sized Ken doll.
#48) I like goats. They are cute and I like goat milk soap.
#49) I like black jelly beans.
#50) I do not like roller coasters.


  1. I loved reading these. I have way to much nail polish also sometimes I dont even get to use it before I have to throw it away. I love ebay also I had to force myself just to stay off of it I would always find something " I had to have"

  2. Hey Sara,
    #36 will come back and bite you someday.Take my word for it.I learned discipline is your friend. That's a cool list :)

  3. I don't like roller coasters either! There are some more similarities hidden in there, too!


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