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My husband and I kicked ourselves for maybe the first 2 years of Rolfie's life for not spending the extra money on a video baby monitor. When we went shopping for the nursery right before Rolf was born, we bought a decent monitor, but we quickly realized how much peace of mind we would have gained from being able to see our son while he was sleeping. Since the day that child came home from the hospital, until present day (he is 3 now), I have been a nervous nelly about my son. If he hasn't stirred, I go into check on him. At random moments I get the urge to go check on him... why didn't we buy the darned video monitor?!

With Harper on the way, we agreed that a video monitor was a necessity. I have to be able to see my child to rest easier. As Rolfie sleeps with us, we knew my constant getting up to check on Harper in the nursery would disturb everyone. 

When I got the chance to try out a Sweet Peek video baby monitor by Lorex, I was thrilled and relieved! I knew Rolf would sleep better with fewer interruptions from me, I will rest easier knowing all I need to do is grab the monitor and look in on my daughter and my husband will sleep better without me waking Rolfie who will in turn wake my husband.

Let me tell you about the Lorex Sweet Peek. This is a really cool baby monitor. 

First, the video camera part is lightweight and easy to use. Simply set it up where you want it, plug it in and you can see your children!

The receiver part is equally great. With the click of a button you can speak to your child if you need to. If the baby stirs, you can press the button and reassure your little one without needing to dash into the room. You can play lullabies for your baby by simply pressing a button. You can see what the temperature in the room is, and you can set the receiver to alert you if the room is too hot or too cold. Amazing right!

The video capabilities are quite good. I love that the Sweet Peek has night vision, a digital zoom and a long battery life (up to 8 hours).

This monitor has been really great. We have tested it with Rolfie and I like that I can relax in the evening with peace of mind that I can hear and see my child while he is sleeping. I love that I can speak to him and soothe him if he awakens and needs comforting, and that if he is restless I can play a lullaby for him to help him relax. I like that I don't need to buy batteries every week for the monitor as it comes with 2 adapters.

This is going to help me rest easier with Harper when she arrives this fall. The peace of mind the Sweet Peek offers is well worth the investment in this video baby monitor.

An added bonus of this unit is that I can see what my son is into when he goes into the bedroom, I no longer have to worry or chase him out of that room in the daytime, as I can press a button and say "Rolfie!" and watch him freeze. Thanks Sweet Peek! 

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  1. I remember purchasing a video monitor for my first son and it was great. It has held up over the years for my other boys as well.

  2. wow what a nice monitor. I never had a video monitor that would have been so nice. You can just look over at the monitor and know that your baby is okay and sleeping or playing in the crib

  3. I wish I would have known about this when my little guy was smaller! I will have to keep it in mind for the future :) Thank you for sharing

  4. Wow - I wish I had had one of these when my girls were little - would've saved me 9 million trips up and down the stairs!

  5. I plan on purchasing a video monitor for my son & daughter-in-law, as they are expecting their first baby soon. I love all the great features that the Lorex has to offer and would be perfect to give them the added security needed with their first born. Thanks for the great review.

  6. I wish I had one when my kids were little. I don't even know if they were available. If they were, they were probably fairly expensive.

  7. We always have used a monitor with our children. It gave me peace of mind.

  8. I don't have kids, but both of my Sisters could have used this!

  9. No I never used a baby monitor.I still lived at home when I had my daughter who is now 27.Her crib was in my room and when I moved out she was a yr old.Her crib was always with me so I never needed one. She slept with me until she was 4 yrs old.I was a single mom.I guess I never had the money for one or just didn't think about it.

  10. I don't have children but my cousin and his wife have two little boys and these are nice.

  11. If only these were around when my daughter was born. I would love to have one now for my grandchildren so I can check on them. dwelchert at yahoo dot com

  12. I'm not even sure they had something like this many years ago when my kids were born but I can say for certain...I would have loved it. I worried all the time, and it kept me up after working afternoon shift just checking on them to make sure they were breathing ok, etc. That would have saved me having this when my kids were babies

  13. This looks like a terrific monitor. I did not have anything like this when my kids were babies, but I do wish I did. My niece could use this for her baby who will be born in September.
    twinkle at optonline dot net


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