Nuk Bottles, Pacifiers and Breast Pumps

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I have serious baby mania now that I have seen my daughter Harper in 3d. A mad rush to start getting everything we will need for her has started. I am happy to write this review on several NUK brand products that we will be using for our lovely little girl.

I used NUK brand products with my son, Rolf. I wouldn't dream of using another brand of pacifier as we had such happy results with NUK. This time around I hope to use a lot of NUK brand bottles as well.

The first products I want to talk about are the NUK Advanced Orthodontic Bottles. These have the latest breakthrough in Orthodontic Nipples to promote healthy oral development. They have a soft zone tip, an anti colic air system, and a glass like shatterproof bottle. The necks of the bottles are wide, and they can hold upto 10 ounces of pumped breastmilk or formula. They are also visually appealing and support a combination of bottle and breast feeding.

Nuk Orthodontic Bottles are also a bottle we plan to use for Miss Harper. I like that the design promotes an easy latch with the extra wide base and that the hole placement helps with digestion. These also help reduce colic with the NUK air system, and they can hold 10 ounces as well.

We have already got a few packs of NUK pacifiers including NUK Natural Shape Orthodontic Pacifiers and NUK Advanced Orthodontic Pacifiers.  I love the design of them, including the little handle, which makes them super easy to attach a pacifier leash to, reducing the need to fetch and clean 'binky' as often as other brands without the little handle. My son always preferred the NUK brand of pacifier to every other we had tried with him, they must be easier to suck based upon the design.

Finally, I have a NUK Expressive Manual Breast Pump, as I plan to bottle feed mostly, while pumping milk in the first few months. Please don't judge me for my choice, I just know how busy life with kids can be and I want to do the best I can for Harper while still being an involved member of my family.  Breastfeeding may reduce the risk of breast cancer, so that is an important factor in my choice to express my milk and offer it into a bottle.

I like that the handle is ergonomic and this until is very easy to  clean and it is BPA free. The kit includes a container and a nipple in addition to the pump, which is great to have everything you need all in one box.

NUK offers many great products made for Mom and Baby. I would encourage you to check out the NUK line the next time you are shopping for your little one or a baby shower.

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  1. Bottles and Pacifiers have sure come a long way. Thanks for the review, its good to read about some of the options out there. I've been researching bottles and paci's for a while now, just so much to think about.


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