Saturday #161

Saturday #161... Where does the time go?

Rolfie and I slept in a little later than normal, and we felt refreshed! We both needed the rest as we have been sick for nearly a week with a cold. I always feel bad when I sleep in, as my schedule gets out of whack. Instead of rushing around to make up for 2 hours of downtime, this week I embraced it. I played with Rolfie and watched cartoons for a while. Then instead of the mad dash to get the house clean, I worked for awhile, cause Mama gotta work to get paid. My husband got up about an hour later and we decided to get out in the world and attend a reenactment at Lowe Volk about Colonel Crawford.

The reenactment was decent for it being a local event. It was short, but we enjoyed getting out in the woods, and my son was interested in the guys dressed up like soldiers and Indians. He also found some girls to flirt with, so he was a happy camper. He was also wise to hold my hands over his ears, as the gunshots were quite loud.

We walked around the displays for a bit and looked at what everyone had to offer, then we headed in the nature center, where he was happy to play in the kids section while I checked out their collection of turtles. My husband groaned when he saw me holding a box turtle. He thought it might inspire waves of sadness in me, as I am still missing my Fernando deeply.

As I held one boy turtle for a few minutes and looked at his red eyes, and admired the markings on his shell, I felt... nothing. No wave of longing or sadness. I put him back in his tank and walked away. My husband said "Did it bother you? Did you think of Nando?"

I shrugged my shoulders and said "Oh, he was a nice looking turtle, don't get me wrong, but no. I felt nothing." My turtle was so different, he would have come right out of his shell, and stretched his neck out to interact with me, but this turtle didn't do that. He was also not as handsome as my Nando. It made me realize that while I do love turtles in all shapes and sizes, not every turtle I encounter is going to break my heart.

We went on home for a bit, and decided to run into the city to pick up a few things we needed for the week, as I do not plan on going back into Mansfield until Friday.

We came home to eat dinner and play with the dogs for a while. Rolf went to bed early, but all in all we could tell he was feeling a lot better. He ate real food, coughed very little and found the energy to cause trouble. A sure sign he is getting better!

After we tucked the little one in, we settled down on the couch to watch a movie, which I wasn't feeling, so I got out a book and read on the couch next to my husband while he kindly rubbed my feet and legs. He finished the movie and was feeling cuddly, and I didn't object. I am always up for being massaged and cuddled. Being pregnant has its perks, especially with your husband, when he wants nothing more than to make you feel nice and comfy.

Saturday #161 was busy, but laid back. I enjoyed spending the time with my family, and I enjoyed the quite time with my husband very much. We are looking forward to this week a lot. Not only do I have an ultrasound this week, but it is his last week at work for the summer and we will have a lot more time to spend together as a family.

We have no real plans for the summer, other than a visit with my parents in June, a trip back home for a 4th of July event, and maybe some backyard camping. The prospect of months of downtime sounds so nice.

I hope you found time to enjoy the people you love this weekend too!


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