Saturday #163

Saturday #163 was laid back for my family. We decided to take Rolfie on a picnic lunch at the reservoir. It was a nice way to enjoy lunch together and get in a little outdoor time. We strolled through a short stretch of woods and came upon a colony of abandoned cats, where someone leaves food and has constructed a shelter for them, of sorts. It was heartbreaking really to see so many cats left to survive in the woods.  One in particular has been tugging at my heartstrings ever since I saw her. She was a fluffy black and white girl, who was sweet and friendly. She playfully rolled around and let us pet her, she purred and rubbed all over our legs and my son was intrigued, he couldn't resist her and she liked him alot too. I have been pleading with my husband to go back and get her, she needs a family and a home. He is resisting, but I don't know for how long, as he has mentioned her several times since.

After lunch and our walk we came upon a community yard sale, I wasn't really in the mood to shop, but my son batted his eyelashes and talked us into buying him a school bus and a wizard.

We came home to play outdoors, I cooked a lovely meal and we dined on the deck. It was a slow paced day, but it was as close to perfect as a day could be.

I was very tired as I am still trying to get over being sick, so my husband entertained himself while I napped on the sofa after putting the little one to bed. I must have needed the rest as I slept the evening away.

Saturdays seem to come so quickly. I love that we have spent them together as a family over the past few months, trying to do something together. I hope that you had the chance to spend time with your family over the weekend.


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