Saturday #164

I am now one week overdue on this post, and I have #165 to write about as well. Life has seemed to be hectic and a little dramatic for me lately. My husband is off work until late August and he takes up a lot of my time, I have been working seven days a week, and I had my identity stolen so the week kind of got away from me.

On Saturday #164 my family headed out for a community event. We got a late start and within 30 minutes of arriving it started to rain, so we went home. After waiting the rain out we ran a few errands together and returned home to begin preparing for a visit from my Mother In Law.

Really the day was uneventful, we didn't do a lot of anything, and the day passed quickly, but I spent the day with my family.

The rest of the week was spent together as well.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy your family over the weekend and you made memories together.


  1. Sorry you got your identity stolen. I hope you got everything straightened out


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