Saturday #165

On Saturday #165 my family got ready early in the day to head out to nearby Ashland, Ohio. We had plans to attend the Hot Air Balloon festival. We drove to Ashland and found a parking spot, then walked to the festival. We got there and we were very disappointed. There was a huge field, about 20 food vendors and a few bounce houses, which were not set up. We didn't see a single balloon or any attractions or activities. We walked the perimeter of the field and decided that at least we got a nice walk together as a family. We left after the walk.

We toyed with the idea of going to the Amish country, but we had been there recently. We headed to Mansfield as I had a desire to shop at Target. I really love a t-shirt I got there the previous weekend and wanted to get another one.

We headed home, only to decide to try another nearby festival in Tiro. This was again not what we had in mind, it was nothing more than food and a volleyball game. We got back in the car after walking the grounds and headed to Bucyrus Ohio. That was another wasted trip. I craved candy, ran into a shop to get something nice as a Hershey Bar wouldn't do it, then grabbed dinner at Wendy's, as by this time of the evening I was just too put off to go home and cook.

Again this weekend felt like a disappointment, we tried to get out and about and do something, but the offerings in the area made it hard. I admit this, regardless of the activities offered, I would complain. I am not taking the sun and heat well with my pregnancy. At 6 months I am round, 20 pounds heavier and uncomfortable in my body. If I am hot and in the car I seriously feel like I could faint. I keep telling my husband if he wants to go places with me, he needs to get up early and make it an early event, as I just want to be somewhere cool and dark or in the pool by the time noon rolls around. He doesn't seem to get my discomfort level.

The positive news I have for this post is my doctor and I set a date for Harper to be born. We are aiming for October 11th. At my last ultrasound she was weighing 15 ounces and is developing right on track. In the evenings I take a break and lay on the sofa with my feet in my husbands lap and she kicks me over and over again. We both enjoy feeling her move around, she is a very busy baby!

I hope you had time to spend with your family this weekend. I hope you were able to enjoy the weekend and make memories together. The weeks go by so quickly. You only get 940 Saturdays (give or take a few) with your children before they are ready for college. Writing this ongoing series is great for me, as I will have a way to remember how we spent each Saturday.


  1. Growing up in Ohio I too attended the hot air balloon festival. But it was way cooler than your disappointment, they actually had balloons! LOL


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