Saturday #166

On Saturday #166 my family headed to the Hocking Hills for a family party. We had a great trip down, we encountered no traffic or construction hold ups and everyone was most pleasant despite spending several hours in the car. We enjoyed seeing family and friends that we rarely if ever get to spend time with. My son was a cute little charmer! I was very impressed with him.

It was for the most part a great time. The only downside was my husband invited his mother to join in the festivities and she acted much like she always does, getting herself involved in every conversation we tried to have and smothering my son. I found myself getting very upset after my son was happily playing with a few little boys and my mother in law came over with a ball and pulled him away from his fun and games so he could play with her instead. She was insanely jealous that my son was talking to his Grandpa, and that he wanted to sit beside my uncle's girlfriend and talk to her.

BUT other than that stuff we had a really nice time!

I hated that we could only stay a few hours, and really enjoyed the time away from home, spend with great company. I hope we can attend the annual event next year as well.

I hope that you had a chance to have family fun over the weekend.


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