Saturday 167

Saturday 167 did not begin well at all and it set the pace for the entire day.

I have developed a habit of checking my bank account several times a week after having my identity stolen. Maybe I am paranoid about it happening again, but nonetheless I check in to my account 4 to 5 times a week.

This morning I checked in to find my account was overdrawn. I was distraught over this as I have been careful to manage our money to the penny and make sure we are living as comfortably as we can in between my husbands stretched paychecks (he does get paid in the summer). We have really been using paypal money for anything that isn't a bill for 6 weeks or so.

So, I began to go through the transactions to get the bottom of this mess. I found that we had been charged by Farmers Insurance for a canceled policy, we had also paid our insurance from the company we switched to. On top of the 2 large charges, checks started to post and we began to accrue insufficient fund fees. Being a Saturday morning and all, it was hard to get anyone on the phone to remedy the problem.

Finally a live person answered the phone! Rolfie picked that exact moment to begin screaming in my ear and trying to take the phone from me.

Finally I said "I give up! You take over!" to my husband. He got someone on the phone and began to work the issue out with the old agent and the bank. So we left and decided to go to a community yard sale. There were a total of 3 tables set up. Lo and behold the one person in my neighborhood I cannot get along with was one of the 3. So that irritated me too.

I needed to take the recycling in and drop it off. The 3 places you can do that in my town did not have their trucks out for pick up. I had a car full of plastic and cardboard.

At lunch I took my husband and son to McDonalds. That sounds like an easy option right? Of course they got my husbands order wrong and he made it into a big deal which ruined the moment of eating in peace.

We then came home for a few minutes. My son wanted to play but I had to go to the bank, withdraw money from one account and replace it in the overdrawn account. As Farmers told us it would take upto 30 days to issue a refund...

Yes... it keeps getting better.

Then the recycling truck in the town I bank in had plastic bins, but no options for cardboard. I was still stuck with all of that cardboard.

Finally we made a stop as someone had a wagon to sell us for Rolfie. It barely fit in the car, but it was a great deal and it made my son very happy! A wagon that I priced at over $100 for $20.

My husband cleaned it up and said he would take Rolfie for a walk to try it out. That worked well for me as I had work to do online. My husband then proceeded to completely blow a gasket because he is not capable of looking for anything (like shoes) on his own. I mean why would they be on the shoe rack? Who keeps shoes there? He started in with me over it, because I wasn't helping him and I was focused on my job instead. I get paid to work, so I kind of have to....

So in a nutshell this was the worst Saturday since I started this series. I didn't enjoy my family, I spent most of the day dealing with drama at every turn. In all honesty everyday has been like this since the development of my issues in this pregnancy. When you expect someone, like a spouse, to be supportive of you, to care, to be helpful when you need it, it really hurts to have them essentially kick you when you are down... then keep doing it over and over again.

Normally I would keep things like this to myself and not bother the people that actually read my blog with my real life drama, but this time I feel like it is good therapy for me to get it all out.

I certainly hope you had a much better Saturday than I did!


  1. so sorry you had a really bad day. I hope today is a better Saturday for you.

  2. remember this phrase:

    "how are YOU going to compensate ME for this?" and use it on Farmer's insurance after you've had a chance to calm down and decompress. IMHO they should be responsible for the fees their screw up incurred.

  3. Oh wow days like that are rough! i hope the rest of your weekend got better!

  4. Uck I am so over insurance companies! I had my last insurance company really mess with my family I wont use their name, but I will say the commercials lie they are NOT on my side!!

    I don't understand why it takes 30 days for a refund, that is your money!! A refund is when you buy something and return it, not when a company takes money from you without your permission!?!?!

    I hope this week is much better for you <3 <3


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