Saturday #168

This was a much better day than the last Saturday. My son and I woke up early, as usual. We played around  and watched cartoons together as the rain started early in the morning. With the rainy day atmosphere we saw no real reason to head out on the town or wake the husband up. We let him sleep with the dogs crowding him for a few hours.

When Daddy did wake up Rolfie was in the room giggling, hoping to wake him. My husband encouraged us to crawl in bed with him for a few minutes for hugs and kisses. That was so rare and out of the blue that I couldn't resist, although I knew I had a ton of housework I should be doing.

Around noon we decided we would go to a little Sweet Corn festival in a tiny little town close to where we live. As we pulled into the town, it started to rain again. We kept driving south, but when faced with the option of going on to Columbus, or heading back to the Mansfield area, I sighed and said "Well... what about Fredericksville?" We had never headed that way, so we decided to do just that. As soon as we came to a town we saw they had a little indoor flea market. I suggested we stop. I thought maybe the rain would stop and we would have more options for what to do.

As soon as we walked in we found a booth with really cute organic catnip toys and organic handmade dog treats. That set the pace. While there were only a few vendors my son managed to flirt with every woman there. He talked me into buying him some "dudes" despite my resolve of not buying him anymore action figures. Then he flirted until someone gave him a toy phone.

I found an Avon dealer who was so sweet I had to buy something from her, even though I am not really a fan of Avon. We walked around, basking in the moment of having a loveable kid. As Rolfie was being carried by his Daddy he planted kisses on Adam, then he would reach for me and kiss me. We all felt pretty good after making our rounds. By the time we were finished Rolf was happy, he had found Conn's Chips at a booth and was happily munching on a small bag. My husband and I were happy to see the sun shining and the rain drying up.

We headed back to the Sweet Corn festival. The weather was perfect. We walked around the town, visited a few quirky yet quaint shops. Bought a dozen ears of sweet corn that had just been picked. Laughed at my son and his adorable antics. He ran to the beer garden and wanted to stay there and dance, he flirted, tried to take of with flags and so on. Now that I am doing a little better and have been told I can eat what I like, as long as I avoid drinks with added sugar (Hooray!!) we couldn't resist stopping in the bakery. We don't have a bakery in our town and that is something we have missed for years. 8 Sisters Bakery was adorable inside, and their baked goods were nothing short of amazing. My husband and son shared a few donut holes while I indulged in a mini cream filled donut. It was the best donut I have ever had in my life. My Mom would  be so disappointed to hear me say that, but it is true.

As we finished our festival trip we ran into Kroger as we needed bottled water, I have developed a weird thing. I can only drink Nestle Pure Life water at this time... everything else gives me heartburn. We came home to a semi clean house, which always makes me happy. I felt like I could cook a nice meal for my family   so I set out to do that. Everyone was happy.

It wasn't action packed by any means, but it was pleasant. It was nice. It was a great Saturday by all means.
I hope you had a chance to enjoy your family over the weekend as well.


  1. so glad that you are feeling better and that you had a great Saturday.


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