Saturday #169

Today started off with a rainy morning, which was disappointing as my family had outdoor plans. We decided to take our time in getting the day started in hopes that it would stop raining. It didn't.

We drove around and hit a few indoor garage sales, but that was not very fun. We consoled ourselves with a stop at 8 Sisters Bakery. A Farmers market was set up in a lot across the street, so we grabbed the umbrella and went over to it. A local artisan was selling Sheep Milk Soap, and I walked on the wild side and tried it. (It is just as great as Goat Milk Soap!)

Reality set in about Harper being here soon so we went out and picked up a few outfits for her, with the selections in stores now I ended up getting mostly things she can wear in the spring/summer. I need to start getting clothes she can wear right away, but I know I will need to wait for a few weeks for long sleeved items to be in stores.

We were having a fairly nice day. We came home and had a late lunch. I decided that I was going to blow off my housework and curl up with a book for a little while. Rolfie and Adam were busy playing "dudes". I got about 3 pages into my book when the phone rang.

My aunt called to tell me my grandma is dying and has only days to live.

This is the grandma I wrote about last year, we haven't seen one another in nearly 17 years. She has never been interested in my life, she has never cared for me. My presence was requested at the health care center.

I really let this ruin my day. I frowned for hours. In frustration I said "I am taking a shower to wash the family that isn't family away."

That didn't help. I returned fresh and smelling great (love the sheep milk soap) to frown some more.

I have come to terms with the situation with my fathers family. Many years ago I put it all behind me. I may not be loved or valued by them. I may not even exist to them, but I have a family of my own. Let sleeping dogs lie and all.

But, I am making the long trip down to say my goodbye. To let the past rest finally, to get beyond all of it. I am going to take my son so I can say I gave her the chance to meet her only great grandchild. It is the right thing to do.

Saturday #169 was spent with my family, those in the flesh and those far away in thought. I enjoyed the time with my husband and son and that is all that matters. I hope you had a chance to enjoy your family as well.


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