Crockpot Ideas for Dinner

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There are days when I have a hard time cooking dinner. With a busy 3 year old involved cooking can become downright difficult! I have started to think ahead to what will I do when Harper gets here?!
This led me to start searching pinterest for easy options that I can and will be able to pull off while I am adapting to life with 2 children.

Here are a few of the options that I have selected. I hope this post helps you to find easy and delicious meal options for your family too.

I think Pizza Lasagna will appeal to the whole family. We like pizza, we like lasagna, and I could get this assembled the night before when the kids are in bed. 

My husband gets a craving for meatloaf from time to time, Crockpot Meatloaf should fuel his need for meatloaf and my need for something I can assemble when I have a free moment and forget about it.

There is just something about artichokes that make me feel good. Crockpot Artichokes is going on my list to cook without a doubt.

Chicken and Gravy is food for a weary soul! This will be a go to for my family many times in the future.

Crockpot Potato Soup sounds perfect for a cool fall day when life with the kids has been hectic.

Crockpot Beef Stew will make my husband very happy this fall. When he is happy, I am happy!

Mexican Chicken Soup sounds like it will warm us up on a chilly evening. I think my 3 year old will even eat this!


  1. I have a crock pot and ive used it only to make rice these are great ideas! specially the chicken and gravy soup yummy!

  2. I can't live without my crockpot and am always on the lookout for crockpot ideas. These all look very delish! Great selection! Thanks!

  3. these all look so good. I use my crockpot a lot especially in the winter. I really want to try the meatloaf recipe

  4. These all look delicious. I like to cook a decent size pork butt in my crock pot all night and day then i take it out get all the fat off and have pulled pork sandwiches with Sweet baby Rays honey BBQ.

  5. I haven't really used my crockpot very much, but your idea of artichokes in there might be something I need to try. I love artichokes, too.

  6. great ideas! pot roast is my favorite thing to cook in a crockpot

  7. I love to make a roast with carrots, potatoes and onions in the crock pot.


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