Saturday 171

Another week has come and gone in our lives. Time has been passing so quickly. On Saturday 171 I woke up too early, found myself frustrated and not in the best mood and in a hurry.

It was the weekend of the annual Lincoln Highway Buyway sales, so my family wanted to get an early start, earlier than I wanted that is. I grumbled to myself a bit and got ready to go. We hit the road and started hitting the sales. We had breakfast and met a new friend.

As the day continued it got warm, my family started getting grumpy. My son was bored and hot, my husband was annoyed with the grumpy kid. I was annoyed at having to hear about how grumpy the kid was. Finally we headed home. I was relieved to call it quits!

I did find a ton of great baby stuff for Harper at bargain prices, and an indoor grill. So the day wasn't a total loss. I was glad to have the time away from the routine of cooking, cleaning, working. I spent the time with my family as is my goal every weekend. My heart was heavy most of the weekend though as my grandma passed away a few days ago after a battle with cancer.

The reality of our lack of time together made me feel sad among other emotions. The grown up in me says I am glad she passed and is now free of pain and is no longer suffering, but the kid in me still wrestles with emotions I am unprepared to deal with.

I hope your family had time together over the weekend.


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