Saturday #172

Another Saturday has come and gone at a speed I can barely fathom. Summer is winding down in my area. Nights have been cool (We were in the 40's at night last week) and the days have been mild in the 70's. The weather has been nice and is getting me in the spirit of fall. We have one more weekend before the hubby returns to work, the new school year looms ahead.

On Saturday #172 my family got a bit of a late start and we had no real plans. My husband asked me what I would like to do, so I contemplated it for a few moments. I have been feeling well enough to start taking walks again so I decided I wanted to take a walk and head to the mall to find fall shoes for Roo.

We started at the mall, the place was busy with back to school shoppers. We headed to the shoe store, but I am sorry I refuse to pay $60 for kids shoes that my 3 year old will yuck up in a flash. That wasn't a wasted trip entirely as we found a great deal on shoes for Adam for work.

We tried JC Penney, but the selection they had to offer was more along the summer line so we headed to Sears where I found a fantastic pair for Roo that light up and have Batman on them. I was even happier with the choice when they rang up significantly lower than the sticker price as they were on sale. While we were there we browsed the baby section and found a few outfits for Harper. I am *almost* done shopping for her! She needs only a few long sleeve onesies, shoes, and maybe a few more dresses in a 0-3 month size, a crib and a car seat. It has been driving me crazy to not have those things, but I am trying to hold off and take my Mother In Law along for the shopping trip as she wants to feel included, but in all honesty her opinions won't sway my purchases. I guess she is just going to be along for the ride on that one, and it sure beats having her at doctors appointments or in the hospital when Harper is born.

After the shopping was finished we took a walk on the Bike Trail. It was pleasant and most importantly good exercise for everyone. My husband realized I was not in the mood to go home and start preparing dinner so we stopped at Bob Evan's and I enjoyed having someone else do the work for me.

Saturday 172 was not action packed. It was simple and slow paced and perfect for what ails me. I need a break from day to day life and shopping always makes me feel better, especially for baby stuff!

I hope you had a chance to enjoy time with your family over the weekend!


  1. so glad that you had another great Saturday. Kids shoes can be so expensive. This year we got both kid's school shoes at Walmart.

    1. I got an amazing deal on shoes today. Someone told me Gabriel Brothers had kids shoes on clearnace- so I headed in there. I found 6 pairs for Harper in assorted sizes 0-9 months for $1 a pair! A few pairs are sort of urban, but hey... they are pink and as infrequently as she will wear them I can deal with the trendy styles.

      I actually looked for shoes for Roo at WalMart but they had nothing in his size at 3 different walmarts. I ended up spending only $15 on the pair I got him at Sears, so it was really about the same price.


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