Saturday #175

There was a chill in the air in the morning of Saturday #175. My family felt like spending the day outdoors and the early morning weather made it seem like fall. Our thoughts immediately turned to festivals!

We scoped out the current events and decided to drive about an hour or so away to attend the Yankee Peddler Festival. We had never gone and have always wanted to check it out.

We enjoyed the ride over. My son was happy to go "bye bye". It has been hard on him to adjust to our new routine. When Daddy was home every day this summer, he went bye bye daily. Mommy likes to be at home and I am content with taking a walk for out of the house time. Roo is a mover and a shaker. He needs to go someplace daily, in his opinion, and a walk around the neighborhood doesn't cut it.

I was a little put off at first as $10 per adult is kind of steep for a craft show type of festival admission, but you only live once as the saying goes. We strolled around the grounds. We walked in the woods.

We came to a butterfly garden display that was enclosed. My feet were swelling, so I opted to grab a seat on a bench for a few minutes while the guys looked at butterflies. As I was sitting down a family came up and deposited their mentally challenged son on the bench, they went inside.

I smiled at the young man and he smiled at me. His eyes were so kind, he started showing me his treasures from the day and I talked to him about the festival. After a moment he smiled at me and said "Baby?" I told him "Yes, I am going to have a baby very soon. I had to sit down, my feet are sore." He smiled at me again and put his hand on my belly.

Normally I am put off by touching from most anyone, but this was such a sweet gesture that I smiled back at him and let him touch my belly.

We talked for a few minutes and he kept touching my belly and smiling. My husband was behind me, half shocked and a little concerned. The family finally came out and the boy told his Mom all about me and my baby. She smiled at me and told me how much he loves babies.  She thanked me for keeping him company.

My husband couldn't believe what he had watched, he said "You didn't mind him touching your belly?" I said "No, he was so sweet, I found it to be heart warming."

I walked away and thought about how I can feel okay with a stranger touching me, but I feel frustrated when some friends and family do it. I guess it is all instinct, I could tell this young man was pure of heart. He was trying to connect with me on a level that seemed natural to him.

We continued on in the festival and had lunch, where my son and I sat on a bench together and chatted about teddy, his favorite toy at this time. As we were eating he wiped his mouth on a napkin and smiled at me, he leaned over and gave me a huge kiss. I melted. I hugged him tight and he wrapped his arms around my neck and sighed "Mommy". I felt like I had won the lottery to have him just love me out of the blue like that, with all of the distractions around us.

We walked around for a little over 3 hours. We listened to music, we enjoyed the setting and we were ready to head home. My husband decided Applebee's was in order, so we stopped near home for dinner. Roo wanted to sit with Mommy, he was feeling so lovey, that he continued to shower me with hugs and kisses, to the point of my husband telling me he was jealous.

It was a nice day to spend with my family. I was very sore when I got home, but I needed the exercise and I enjoyed it. I guess I just need to stop and rest a little more often on such adventures.

I will cherish the memory of the day with my family as it was the 3 of us, my son was an angel and he made me feel like the luckiest mom in the world that day, to be loved so deeply by a sweet little boy.
Harper will be here in less than a month now and our family is changing, the memories I will hold onto of these special days with Rolf are priceless. I am excited about having a baby. I am excited about giving Rolf the gift of a sibling, but I want Rolf to form memories of just us too.

I hope you were able to enjoy the day with the people you love!


  1. I am glad you had another great Saturday.

  2. I always enjoy reading about your saturdays.I had my nieces and my sister over yesterday to visit for a few hrs.It was my saturday.They're 5 and 9 yrs old so it's always fun and I love them dearly.Today is the Lord's day so I'm off to enjoy it.The weather is warm but not hot.I hope you have a great wk :)


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