Saturday #177

On Saturday #177 my son woke up extra early (big thanks to our cat who insisted on waking him up so someone feed him an early breakfast). I tried to convince him it was too early and that we needed to rest longer, no such luck. He hits the floor running at full speed no matter how early it is.

When it was time for the sun to make an appearance we found gray skies and rain. We made the best of it and had breakfast and cartoon time. Around 8:30 I realized I was exhausted and I needed to rest a little before I would be up for doing much of anything. I had already put in a few hours of work so I made a pot of coffee and woke my husband up. He tried to ignore me but I said, very pitifully, "Please, wake up." He groaned and rolled over and climbed out of bed a few minutes later. I grabbed a pillow and a quilt and hit the sofa for a 2 hour nap.

When I felt human again and woke up I played with Rolfie for about an hour. Around noon we were ready to get the day started. I had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a site to store order and grab pull ups and dog food. My husband had to go along because for some reason if you list an alternate pick up person at WalMart they are the ones that have to pick up an order. The rain stopped and the skies started to clear. It was shaping up to be a nice day weather wise.

We had a hunch that there was a festival in Crestline, a neighboring town, so we cruised that way to find it was in fact going on. I checked my purse and found I had no cash. I asked Adam if he had cash, he had a whole $3 in his wallet. We drove around the town looking for a store to stop at and get cash back. They have a Dollar General, so in we went. Rolfie talked me into a stuffed Goofy doll, but then I found I could not get cash back there. My son was happy nonetheless with a new toy, and the cashier told me to try their Rite Aid. So, I ran in there and grabbed a scribble pad for the kid and cash. Off to the festival we went.

It was a cute little affair. There were a handful of rides, about 5 games, food vendors and not much of a crowd.

Rolfie rode a few rides after his Daddy won a goldfish for him. We started to feel bad about the fish and didn't think we should take it home with us where it would die sooner than later so we took it back to the vendor who traded my son for a plastic skeleton type action figure. That made him happy. Rolfie started telling me how hungry he was and we decided it was lunch time.

Now, I am opposed to fair food. I got sick after eating at a fair about 3 years ago and have never desired to eat that type of cuisine again. Deep fried food doesn't appeal to me often, and it certainly doesn't when it comes from a random booth that is here today and gone tomorrow. I suggested we try McDonald's, again not a preference of mine, however they have a clean restroom with running water which is what pregnant chicks need access to sometimes. Rolfie was semi appeased. He got a Batman Happy Meal although they didn't  listen to our order and he wouldn't eat the cheeseburger as it was not plain. But I considered it a victory when he ate fries and apple slices.

We then ran into the city, I stopped by Dollar Tree and stocked up on little prizes for my son so that I can indulge him when he comes to visit me in the hospital, and next door to WalMart we went. I have no patience for that place. I was ready to leave as soon as I walked in the door but I did grab the items I had to have immediately and a shelving unit in hopes of getting my messy life better organized this week in preparations for the baby. I have been amazed at how taking 2 days off from cleaning this week led to such a mess. They were not even back to back days! I was quite ill with a stomach bug and really needed to rest and recover. Those 2 days I didn't clean left my home in shambles. Hopefully I will be healthy next week and can recoup the damage.

We came home to everyone pitching in to clean up a bit, had a dinner that was really pretty gross and Rolfie just had a bath and is being tucked into bed by his Daddy. It was a busy day to say the least. I still have some chores to deal with and I am kicking myself for not doing my grocery shopping today while I was in the city. I will have to go back tomorrow and do it or else we will have other yucky meals no one cares to eat.

We have started planning the next few weekends, trying to make good use of our time. We will attend our towns festival next weekend and spoil Rolfie with games and rides. The following weekend is my favorite fall event of the year, the Colonel Crawford festival filled with fall produce and crafts. It is perfect timing, one last Saturday as a family of 3, doing something I look forward to all year. Harper will be here by the following weekend, if not sooner.

Saturday #177 was spent with my family, out in the world as we like to spend our weekends. I hope you had time to spend with the people you love too. There are only 940 Saturdays from the time your children are born until they are ready for college. Make the most of the time you have with them, it goes by so fast.


  1. I am glad that you are feeling better and that you had another great Saturday

  2. I spent my Saturday being lazy then sat night I went to a haunted trail...I screamed like crazy while my boyfriend just laughed at me! it was a good sat!

  3. I spent my Saturday visiting my mom and helping out in her condo. Also had to do shopping and cleaning.
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  4. I am glad to hear that you had a great Saturday. All I did was watch a few movies that were not very good and went and sat outside and drank my coffee and looked at the pretty color of the trees this time of year. I had a relaxing day at home.

  5. I always enjoy reading about your saturdays. This past saturday was my sister's 41st b-day. She's my baby sister and I guess I'll always look at her that way no matter how old she is. There was about 13 of us and my brother-in-law bbqed. It's always fun when all us goofballs get together. My 5 yr old niece is very entertaining so we all laughed so hard. We had cake and presents. Any day I get to spend with my family is so awesome to me. I'm very blessed :)

  6. today was a pretty lazy day. Our halloween was postponed to friday night so we just spent saturday doing a bit of yard work, laundry and naps. Great day.

  7. you had a busy day! glad you were able to get in a little nap. we had nice weather saturday so we spent most of the day at the park then did some chores around the house.

  8. I took my granddaughters to a couple of local attractions. Luckily we live in a beach town and they always have something going on. One was a recused turtle group and even though we have been before we love it every time we go. Turtles are awesome. then we went to a touch sea tank. The girls loved it and the owner feed some of the aquatic life while we were there which was really special to see.


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