Saturday #178

I am behind on my #940 Saturday posts, but rest assured they are coming! Just weeks late due to my scheduling in advance for the birth of Harper and my anticipation of much needed downtime.

On Saturday #178 my son woke up early filled with mischief. He was prepared to take on the world and make as many messes as he could. It made for a rough morning truth be told. We battled over everything. Breakfast, cartoons, toys, the baby swing, he wanted to escape the house at 6:45 in the morning and run amuck outside. He yelled, we battled and I must say he won the fight early in the day. By 8:30 I was exhausted and ready to take a nap. It didn't happen but it was a nice thought to keep me going.

My husband woke up in a similar manner. Ready to make messes, annoy me and battle the little one.

Despite the rough pace of the morning I was determined to make the best of the day. I knew we had only 2 weekends left as a family of 3 and I wanted to make memories with Roo.

We got a late start after a drama filled morning and headed out to Butler Ohio for the Prairie Peddler Festival. It was about an hour long drive to get there and the entire hour was spent with Roo throwing a fit over this and that. I closed my eyes and tried to rest, I kept telling myself his mood would get better!!! I had high hopes for the power of positive thinking.

When we got there, Roo was happy to get out of the car. He was happy to hold hands and walk in the woods with me for about 15 minutes. Then he decided we were leaving and he lost his cool. He cried, he laid in the dirt in a crowd of thousands and had a tantrum. His hands were sweaty which made escaping easy and that is what he did.

I ran to chase him down which is no easy task at that stage in pregnancy!

Then a fight broke out over a cookie. I eventually caved and bribed him to cooperate with the cookie. When it was gone the drama started again. To make a long, depressing story short our trip to the Prairie Peddler festival lasted 45 minutes.

By the time we got back to the city we were all hungry and tired. We decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner, but the wait was an hour and we agreed we could not wait that long. This led to confusion on Roo's part and he struggled to stay while we wrestled him to the car. We settled for Denny's and were glad to go home.

The day was not what I had hoped for, but we made memories I guess. The weekend was long, it seemed to last for much more than 2 days. I was relieved to see  Monday roll around.

I hope your weekend was more pleasant than mine!


  1. sorry you had a bad Saturday . I wish we still had a Denny's.


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