Saturday #181

On Saturday #181 (#2) my family spent the day at home. We had made a choice to avoid the crowds and dash out on Friday to get Harper a new wardrobe as none of her clothes would fit her, she is too small! I had been prepared to have a big baby so imagine our shock when we brought home a little girl weighing a whopping 7 pounds 5 ounces at discharge. We bought newborn clothes to find they were still a bit too big. We ended up getting a few preemie outfits too to hold her over until she has grown.

I expected a visit from my parents that weekend. I was anxious to see them and show off Harper. When the phone rang Saturday morning I was not happy. My Mom was too tired to come visit and she really annoyed me with that, then hurt my feelings. I sobbed on the couch for a while before I exhausted myself and napped. I can't imagine not wanting to see your new granddaughter. I can't imagine putting my kids off, even in their 30's at a special time in their lives. While I was hormonal, hurt and disappointed I learned a valuable lesson about what not to do as a parent. My Mom has been doing this to me for months now, promising to visit and then not showing up. I can handle the rejection, but my children don't deserve that. Roo has been hearing about a visit with his grandparents since summer...

So, after I started to get over the bad feelings that call left me with I enjoyed the remaining days of paternity leave for Adam. I napped on the couch and let him cook and clean. Rolf played with toys and watched cartoons. Harper was happy to sleep, eat and dirty her diapers.

It wasn't an exciting weekend, but I was glad to be at home, resting. I felt a lot of anxiety about getting back into the routine on my own and I was not ready to see Adam go back to work. The extra rest was good for me.

I hope your Saturday was more exciting! I hope you had time to enjoy the people you love.


  1. sometimes it is nice to have a relaxing stay at home day just to relax and spend time together at home. Extra rest always makes you feel better


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