Saturday #185

On Saturday #185 (#5 for Harper) Roo woke up early, that was okay with me as I had fallen asleep very early the night before and slept all night long while my husband took baby duty. After 8 hours of sleep my neck and shoulders were stiff, I was happy to get up and move around.

As we were getting up I reminded Roo to be quiet so Harper could sleep. My husband popped out of the nursery and told me she had been up since 4. After getting my son settled with breakfast I took over with the baby.

She was restless and fussy, but the moment I had her in my arms she sighed and stopped fussing, she was asleep within 2 minutes. She must have missed her Mommy, and although I needed the sleep I missed her during the night too. We sent my husband to bed for a few hours and got the day started. 

It wasn't the best morning we have had, my son is going through an acting out stage and after 10 days of it I felt weary. I tried to make the best of the morning, but it was a true effort. As soon as was possible I escaped to have a hot bath. When I saw my screeching grouchy son open the bathroom door I wasn't happy but I smiled at him and tried to talk to him. He came over to the tub and told me "Mommy Bath!" he gave me his rubber duckies, his hair and body wash and he chatted me up while I was soaking. It made the rough morning worthwhile.

We didn't have any plans for the day, but Roo really wanted to go "bye bye" so we headed out into the world. I really need clothes as I have lost weight and my closet weeps for the limited selection of outfits. I found a skirt and a few shirts that I liked so I was happy as was Roo.

I hadn't planned on cooking, I made a huge pot on shredded chicken in hopes of feeding it to my family for a few days, but the night before Roo had a bad dream and wanted me to lay down with him. I fell asleep and left the chicken sitting out overnight (oops!). I didn't feel like cooking and took the easiest way out, McDonald's. I had a happy 3 year old so that was the important thing.

It wasn't an exciting day, but we spent it together as a family. I hope you had a chance to spend time with the people you love over the weekend. 


  1. I am glad you had another Saturday spent with your family.


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