Must Have Items for Baby

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With a new baby comes a lot of shopping for must have baby items. Once you start browsing the selection of products designed for infants you will quickly realize there are almost too many options. When I had my son I got caught up in the hoopla and ended up spending a lot of money on items we didn't need.

To help you save money and stock up on the true must have items for baby I have complied a list for you of the items that I use and love.

Nuk Orthodontic Bottles, these are fantastic. My daughter prefers the shape of the nipple and I like that these bottles are gentle on her tummy and she is not as gassy when she uses Nuk Orthodontic Bottles.

Baby Wipes- We love Huggies One and Done Wipes. These are thicker than Pampers wipes, they smell great and they are gentle on baby's soft skin.

Infant Gas Relief Drops- sometimes baby needs a little relief and not having these drops on hand is a mistake! Don't let baby suffer from gas pain!

Munchkin Baby Bottle Brush- These are the best that I have tried. The brush is sturdy yet flexible, it is easy to use and store and they are affordably priced.

Summer Infant Swaddle Me Microfleece- Much safer and easier to use than a receiving blanket. My daughter sleeps like a log when she is in her Swaddle Me.

Nasal Bulb Syringe- Every home with a baby needs one or two of these. Snot happens.

Diapers- stock up on diapers! You will use thousands of diapers so there is no worry about this being wasted money. We like Pampers Baby Dry diapers and Luv's.

Sleep n Plays- baby will wear pajamas a lot! You need at least 6 sleep n plays.

Pacifiers- Sleeping with a pacifier reduces the risk of SIDS and are a very soothing item for baby. My children  preferred the Nuk brand. Get like 5 pack of each size because you will want one on hand at all times.

Video Baby Monitor- We have a lorex 3 in 1 and we love it. It makes checking on baby a breeze.

I hope this list of gear helps you stock up on things you will need with a new baby.


  1. reat items and many times for shower gifts, I have included many of the things you mentioned here and put in a baby bathtub and turned it into a sailboat. It was adorable. So many things the new parents forget so great items to have on hand

  2. I know that my children loved the Nuk pacifiers, but my grandbabies won't use them. They like the "gum drop" which was given to my daughter by the nurses in the hospital. They also prefer the Playtex bottles. I guess it just depends on the baby - sometimes you just have to try different kinds before you find the kind the baby likes. The only other things that I would add to the list are baby Gripe Water - when the baby gets the hic-ups the gripe water helps and teethers that go in the freezer.

  3. All of these things are what I would say are necessary too (although we used some different brands). And the number of times we needed the 'snot sucker' was crazy, that came in very handy!


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