Saturday #186

On Saturday #186 (#6 for Harper) we started the day early. My kids are always up around 5. It is a good thing that I love morning!

When I planned the week I was expecting a visit from a relative on Sunday, which meant we were going to spend the day at home preparing for her visit. She was ill and had to postpone which left us with no plans for the weekend.

As we stood around scratching our heads at how to spend the day I realized I still hadn't purchased my turkey yet. I threatened for 2 months not to cook Thanksgiving Dinner, but in the end I realized that my son deserved to have a nice dinner and the tradition of eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day. I sighed and resolved to do the shopping that was required to prepare a normal dinner for my family.

Keep in mind my children wake up around 5- 5:15 am. You would think that if we get up that early we can make it out of the house and into the world early too. Yeah, not so. It was 2:48 before the first child was in the car. I had rushed around for almost 9 hours and had nothing to show for. The house was still as messy as it ever is.

After dashing into one of the retail giants for turkey and all of the stuff to go with it I was just exhausted. I wanted to go home... until I realized I still had to load the dishwasher, wipe down counter-tops and cook dinner for my family. I could only think about how much I wanted to get a few minutes to put my feet up and stick my nose into my book. (I am reading The Help). A decision was made. If my family couldn't live on cold cuts for one night they were out of luck. They didn't mind sandwiches for dinner and I didn't let myself feel bad for taking a shortcut.

It was time for the kids to bath. Harper in the sink smiling away, Roo soaking in the tub with his duck collection. They were asleep shortly after that and my husband and I looked at each other and sank into chairs. Often I wonder "Where did this day go?"

It was another absolutely uneventful weekend. I hope that the winter weekends don't involve strictly shopping or staying home. I am determined to find fun things I can do with both kids and my husband this winter.

I hope you had a great weekend.


  1. 5 am is sure early. I started reading the Help I still need to finish it. Somedays getting out of the house is such a chore with kids,by the time the kids go to bed I just want to go to bed. I love to read also it always relaxes me


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