Saturday #187

 On Saturday #187(7 for Harper)... my son and I woke up early as always. We grabbed a quilt and snuggled up to watch cartoons while Harper was asleep. I had a lot to do preparing for the visit of a relative on Sunday, but moments with my 3 year old sitting in my lap, talking to me and watching cartoons early in the morning are more important than cleaning. We both felt like we were the only people in the world at that moment in time. The house was quiet, the streets were deserted and our neighborhood was still asleep.
It was nice!

My son told me he was hungry for "hot, yummy cancakes" (pancakes) so I made pancakes. He loves plain pancakes and would eat them everyday if I would make them.

I didn't really want to do anything with the weekend being the big shopping weekend, I knew I would buy things because they are on sale and I promised I would not buy anymore gifts until we checked out the stockpile of stuff we had in the attic (I shopped in September).  So, to avoid the retail scene I stayed home all weekend. I watched cartoons with the kids, I cleaned a lot and I finished reading The Help.

Not the most exciting weekend but it was nice to relax! I hope you got to enjoy time with the people you love.


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