Saturday #188

On Saturday #188 (#8 for Harper) my family had a plan. To get everyone dressed and out the door early is a chore, but I am a trooper and I got myself and both kids ready by 10:30. My husband noticed that I looked amazing and told me it was nice to see me dressed up again. I have been in a rut of wanting to wear pajamas all the time. It is cold, the kids and I stay home almost all the time because I don't want to drag Harper out with cold and flu season and the chilly temps. Pajamas make life easier and more comfortable I guess.

So anyhow, the kids and I were looking great, I dashed into the grocery store with Roo to get Harper's formula. Then we took Roo to lunch at his favorite place, McDonald's. I didn't argue even though it is not my first choice for lunch ever, I was just glad for a break of cooking and cleaning.

After lunch we went to our tiny towns Christmas Celebration. This year the festivities were small, but the kids liked the open house at the library and the ice sculptures. We had a few hours to wait around so we went home to get out our Christmas decorations, then back downtown for the parade. It was very cold, but my son enjoyed himself. That was all that mattered.

A yearly tradition for my family is that on the day of the parade we get out all of our holiday stuff, we get pizza for dinner and get started on the decorating. We held true to that tradition this year, it was fun to see my son getting excited about the decorations.

When the kids were tucked into bed, my husband and I scoped out our gifts for the year. Oh my, what a pile I accumulated. It is nice that I am finished shopping already, now just to wrap everything.

The day was fun,  and it was filled with festive activities for my son. Is your family ready for the holidays? We are almost ready, just a few minor decorations to deal with at this point.


  1. Great job, you are on top of things. It gets so exciting this time of year with the kids. Not sure who gets more excited, me or them. I just finished wrapping for my sisters grandchildren...what a job

  2. so glad that you had another great Saturday with your family. The kids love putting up the Christmas decorations


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