Saturday #190

On Saturday #190 (#10 for Harper) my eyes opened early, the sky was black with no hint of the sun. My son was smiling at me. He said "Kitty go bye bye?" Disoriented and sleepy I asked him "What buddy?" He said "Kitty go bye bye!" Then I heard it, a sad meow. I stumbled out of bed and found my way to the door. When I passed the clock in the kitchen I saw it was 5:07 a.m. I grumbled a "Good Morning and thanks jerk..." to the cat that had insisted on staying out all night. There was no point in delaying it, Roo and I were awake.

I am never one to let a lack of sleep get me down. I like the early morning quiet in my neighborhood. So Roo and I camped out on the sofa, he wanted granola for breakfast and was happy to sit on my lap watching the Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About Christmas while he munched his granola bar. There is nothing like having your child want to cuddle with you early int he morning.

So, for about 90 minutes we snuggled with each other and watched cartoons. Harper woke up and was ready to join the party. When we got her out of her crib she was wearing a big goofy smile. That is always a good sign.

Harper was asleep again around 9, and the goblin wanted to have a bath. I thought that sounded pretty nice so he splashed in the tub for a while and told me his ABC's.

Before I knew it, it was noon. We got the kids dressed up in cute outfits, grabbed cameras and went to see Santa. This is the 4th trip we have made. He is NEVER in or so it seems. He wasn't there today again despite the large sign saying he should be. I am determined to get my son to see Santa, we went to 3 different towns and had no luck finding the big guy.

I asked Roo what he wanted to do, he said "WalMart!" I said "What do you want to do at Walmart?" He said "Shopping!" I said "What do you want to shop at Walmart for?" He thought for a minute and told me "Pibby (Pizza), crackers and cookies." I said "Do you want to shop for juice too?" He said "Please?" His Dad said "Okay, pibby, crackers and cookies and juice it is then." So we took him to do just that. I didn't argue as I was off the hook and didn't have to really cook dinner.
Roo telling me he wants to go to Walmart

Harper cries "no, not Wal-Mart!!"

We came home and danced in the living room, we read a few books and before long it was time for baths and the kids went to bed.

Saturday #190 went by fast! Don't they all though?

It wasn't the most exciting day, but I had the chance to spend the day with 2 cute kids so I was pleased. I hope you had time to spend with the people you love over the weekend.


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