New Years Resolutions

I am normally not one to make New Years Resolutions, but this year I had a few goals that were important to me so I am calling them resolutions and I am hoping that by sharing them with you I will stick to my plans and achieve my goals.

Declutter, Deep Clean, Organize and Schedule

My life needs organization desperately. As I have mentioned a few times, we live in a very small house (less than 900 sq. ft.)  With a family of 4 in such a small space it is important that we make good use of the space we do have. 

While I was measuring, plotting and visualizing how to improve our storage and organizational options I realized my house was in need of a deep cleaning as well. While I am cleaning and organizing I should declutter too! This inspired me to start a new series called A Clean Home . I focus on easy and cheap DIY ways to clean and organize my home.

Improve My Time Management Skills
I have good intentions. I truly want to tackle every idea that enters my mind. I take on a ton of projects only to scramble to finish them. This happens in my personal and professional life. I need to learn to focus on one thing at a time, to finish what I have started before starting another project and to use my time effectively. I downloaded an organizer in hopes that it will keep me on track and ahead of schedule.

Improve The Quality of My Relationships
Moment of truth? My relationships are iffy at best. I don't make enough effort to stay in touch, then I am distracted when I am supposed to be giving my full attention to anyone. I don't talk about things that are relevant to the people I am talking about, because I am usually having multiple conversations at once. While I might be talking to my husband about a movie, I might forget I am talking about a film because I am talking to Kristy about the kids or Jacqui about blogging on facebook. I am emailing a client about a linky party and I am texting Melissa... All at once. So, I talk to my husband about traffic from a linky party. I text Melissa about my favorite scene in the film, I have 10 typos in a 3 sentence message on facebook and then the client email is forgotten and stuck in my drafts...

I hope to be able to focus on one person at a time, or include everyone in a conversation in 2014. I hope to give the people that are important to me more of my undivided attention, I hope to improve the quality of my relationships this year personally and professionally.

Lose Weight
I lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks after I had Harper. Then my appetite returned and everyone was making cookies for the holidays...

So, yeah some of that 40 pounds is back...

I got an elliptical and have been using it daily. I set a goal of 5 minutes a day when I got it because I thought it would be a chore, something I didn't love doing. Something that was going to be hard...

I have been so impressed with myself. I flip on the vevo video channel and my son dances, my daughter watches me on the elliptical. I get sweaty, I mutter curse words but I am using it for 50 minutes a day. (I do 2 sessions daily).

I don't want to set any specific goals, but I want to be healthier, to look better in my clothes, to have more energy.

Grow My Virtual Assistant Business
I have spent some time developing a specific list of services I will offer, I am making a schedule so that I don't take on more work than I can handle. I want my clients to get my best efforts, not last minute messes. I want to help other bloggers grow by using my skills to make their lives easier and their blogs better. (Come back in a few days to check out what I can do for you as I will have a services offered page.)
This means you won't be seeing as many reviews from me, but Misty and Becky will have reviews for you in 2014.

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  1. I look forward to your Clean Home series. I am always trying to do better on organizing my house. You are doing great at getting exercise in. I hope you have a great year

  2. I am looking forward to your Clean Home series too! I haven't had a lot of energy lately, and realized I have totally dropped the ball on teaching my family to pick up after themselves. There are many changes that will be happening in my home this year too, and cleaning/ decluttering is #1 on my list.

  3. I need as many tips as I can get for a clean home. I've actually hired a friend's sister to come and help me with organization and cleaning. Your tips will come in handy.


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