Printable Grocery Check List

When I go to the grocery store I usually don't make a list. I used to keep one and I could stick to the list.
These days, I do not always have time to make a list and check sales ads. I had been just making a note of the meals I planned to cook based on what I bought. This was a disaster. I would have too many entrees or no sides. Too much cheese with no bread or crackers. I would have to run to the store after going to the store because I forgot milk or something else that is crucial. Not only was this an inconvenience but it is also expensive to shop like that!

I am hoping that a great printable grocery list will help me to break that bad habit so I can serve better meals and save money on our grocery expenses.

I have a checklist to share with you that is a good step for me to my grocery shopping reform.

Do you use a grocery list every time you go to the store?


  1. I almost always bring a hand-written (well, scribbled) list with me to the store! As technology-dependent as I am, for some reason I can't get into the habit of using an app! Love this because it would be so simple to print out and then just modify as needed! Thanks!

  2. I usually write out a list. The other day I wrote the whole list and left it at home. I went to the store and bought 4 chickens and a container of juice and went home to get the list to go again another time. I have to have at least a general list or I am done for....and I went a little over budget with my crazy list as it was :)

  3. I can't go shopping without a list - I always end up with too much or too little. This is a great and really useful printable! Thanks for linking to the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. Hope to see you next week.


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