Saturday #192

On Saturday #192 things were normal, the kids and I were up early. We had our morning routines of breakfast and cartoons. Harper and I cuddled on the sofa while Roo played cars at my feet. It was nice. A quiet morning with my kids.

We heard we were going to have a storm and extreme cold temps setting in the following day, so I thought I would be wise to pick up the basics... milk, eggs, formula, baby wipes, diapers, juice, toilet paper.

My son wasn't spoiled enough before the holidays, and of course piles and piles of toys from Santa wasn't enough because he is cute and he is little, but we ran into Ollie's and took advantage of their toy sale for a cool set of building blocks for Roo ( 33% off already low prices!). Then cute little Roo asked for McDonald's for dinner. His Dad caved since that location had a play area. Roo got in the midst of a group of sisters and proved to be quite the ladies man.

The sun had already set, the day was nearly over for the kids. It went by very fast! By the time we arrived home Harper and Roo were sound asleep in the car. We carried them and tucked them into their beds.

Not the best photos this week. My silly kids don't like to hold still!

I am glad we got out and about before the extreme cold hit.

I hope you had the chance to spend time with your kids or loved ones over the weekend.


  1. love seeing pictures of the kids so cute. I am glad you had another great Saturday


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