Saturday #193

On Saturday #193 (#13 for Harper) my family didn't do anything. We got up and lingered around our house. I cleaned up messes while my son created new ones. Not too exciting. Around 3 pm I realized we had no baby water for mixing bottles, we were out of coffee and my freezer had tumbleweeds blowing around in it. Yeah, I had put off grocery shopping for as long as I could. I was unwilling to fight the crowds at WalMart. Truth be told I despise that place on the best day. So, I headed over to the next little town and got what I had to have at their grocery store.

I came home to prepare dinner- lobster cakes and shrimp scampi with roasted red potatoes. We ate dinner, I made time for the elliptical. I had a bubble bath with Roo and tucked him into bed. Harper was ready to call it a night shortly after that.

I fell asleep on the couch after about 10 minutes of sitting down.

The day was bland. We didn't do anything at all and I was still exhausted at the end of the day. I guess I needed a chance to just rest at home for most of the day.

Sorry there are no photos this week. I hope my next installment will be a little more interesting to read. The bitter winter weather we have had has really hampered our family outings.


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