940 Saturdays: Saturday 197

On Saturday #197 my husband and son had big plans. They were off to watch monster trucks. They invited Harper and I to tag along, but the prospect of spending a few hours in the car, the crowds of Cleveland and the noise level didn't appeal to me. Harper and I were happy to spend a day together while the boys went off to be boys.

Harper was napping when the boys kissed me goodbye. She woke up about 2 minutes after they left. The quiet must have thrown her off! She loved having me all to herself. She loves to be bounced on a knee. We pretend she is riding a horse, compete with clip- clop sounds and she loves that. She giggles and smiles, her eyes light up with sheer delight. So, I bounced her on my knee for a while, she giggled, she chattered away. Then we cuddled. Then we went into the master bedroom and looked at books together. Before we knew it 2 hours had passed and she was tired. She napped with the cat for a while and I worked.

When my tummy reminded me about dinner I decided I didn't want to cook for one. I ordered pizza, the way I like it and got comfy in my pajamas. My dogs were happy to share a floor picnic with me of pizza and cheesy bacon bread. Harper was happy to observe this and try to eat her hands.

It was so odd to be alone with Harper all day. A quiet house can be soothing, I felt really at ease for the first time in a long time. There were no meals to cook, no messes to clean up. No one calling for me to help them. I grabbed a quilt and Harper and I snuggled up to watch The Wonder Years (Heck Yes! My favorite tv show as a kid!)

The day passed in record time. Before I knew it my husband and son were home. I had missed them. I didn't realize it until they were home. I was grateful for an entire afternoon with Harper but I like spending my days with both of my kids!

Saturday #197 (17 for Harper) was good. Roo had a blast at Monster Trucks and has been telling me about them ever since that day. Harper loved having Mommy all to herself. My husband did something out of the ordinary and made memories with Roo.

I hope you had a chance to spend time with your loved ones over the weekend. What did you get into?


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome mommy and daughter day! And I was all ready to make some chicken tonight until you went and said that magical word...pizza!! Now I'm digging for coupons and texting Hub there's been a change in dinner plans :) Thanks for sharing about another great weekend!

  2. aww she is so cute. I am glad you had a quiet day and could relax


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