Saturday #194

On Saturday #194 (#14 for Harper) it was very cold and snowing. We woke up early  to a bleak world outside. The sun wouldn't rise for a few hours, the snow was blowing and we could feel the wind whipping around. It has been so cold here that we can feel the wind coming in around our windows and doors. This has caused us to spend most of our time in the bedrooms which are smaller than our large living room and much easier to heat. Roo, Harper and I grabbed a quilt and cuddled together under it for a while. We watched a few cartoons and gave up on our frigid living room. We went to Harper's room and looked at books and played with toys, it was warm enough in her room to send me out to lower the heat. We basked in the stuffy hot room.

My husband woke up and asked me what I wanted to do that day. I opened a curtain, looked out at the cold world and said "Nothing that involves leaving our house..." Well, it didn't work out that way of course. We ventured out to get the basics for surviving another week in what feels like a frozen tundra.
Yes I complained about going out, but in the end I was quite glad to have escaped for a while. I guess that is how you prevent cabin fever.

This has been the worst winter in my memory. It has been cold and snowing here for about 2 months already. My husband has not worked a regular week since maybe around Thanksgiving. There have been many 2 hour delays and snow days. They have exceeded their state allotment of snow days and it seems like they will be in school for a few weeks into June. We have had bitter cold temps, high winds and snow after snow.

Harper- All Bundled Up
Roo- In Action Fighting Bed Time

As I tucked my son into bed on this evening, he looked at the window and said "Cold Outside Mommy..." I agreed that "yes it is very cold outside." My son pouted for a minute and said "Go to the park?" I promised him that spring will come soon and we will spend a lot of time at the park. A weekend spent playing at the park sounds really wonderful about now!

I hope it is warmer where you live and that you were able to do something fantastically fun with your kids over the weekend.

I can't believe we are 194 Saturdays into the 940 I get with Roo. So far Harper's 14 Saturdays have not been too exciting, but I don't think she minds.


  1. What a sweet post! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. That makes me cold just reading it. I can't even imagine such cold. You'll probably laugh at this, but one October - yes, October - we went to Iowa to visit friends. Their old house was big and drafty and I thought I was going to freeze, even at night I couldn't get warm. I feel for you.

  3. love seeing pictures of the kids. It has been ridiculous freezing here also and it seems like snow never stops. I am glad you had another great Saturday


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