Saturday #195

On Saturday #195 (#15 for Harper) we woke up to another snowy day. It seems like it has been bitterly cold or snowing every weekend since Thanksgiving.

My husband doesn't let the weather dictate his plans, but I am a wimp and I admit it!  He asked me if I wanted to go to the city with him. I looked out at the snow covered streets and saw the trees whipping around in the wind. I decided it might be better if the kids and I stayed home. Adam, being the smart guy he is saw his opportunity and ran for it. He called a friend at the speed of light and made plans to see a movie before I changed my mind. We wished him a safe trip and a fun afternoon with a friend, we waved as he pulled out of the drive.
Not the best shot, but cute none the less (darn cell phone camera!)

I asked Roo how he felt about having a pajama day. He said it sounded "Gooood" to him. We hopped in a warm bath and put on clean pajamas. I was happy to be at home. I took advantage of the time and cleaned bedrooms, played with the kids and used the elliptical.

That evening after dinner (Roo picked and we dined on popcorn chicken and rice) we put in a cute movie    (The Snowman and Snowdog) and popped popcorn. We cuddled up, just the 3 of us and enjoyed the cartoon. My son was amazed by the lack of words and abundance of music. He was inspired to play his piano for Harper and I.

Before I knew it, the kids were in bed and I had the house to myself. It was dark and quiet. I savored the moment.

It was a quiet and cold day, but it was a day spent with my kids. Another Saturday has come and gone. I hope you were able to enjoy time with your kids over the weekend.


  1. love the picture. Glad you had another great Saturday!

  2. Aw, I love that pic of the little ones! You're lucky to have cuddle time with your kids, my daughter would rather hang out with her friends or boyfriend than stay home and watch a movie with me. ;) silly teenagers!

  3. Oh that sounds lovely! I'd do anything for a cold winters day at the moment, it's so hot & humid here in Queensland, Australia!


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