Saturday #200: 940 Saturays

On Saturday #200(#20 for Harper)  my son and I woke up early. We played in the living room, we had breakfast.When the dogs were ready to go out I was greeted by a warm 40 some degree morning. All it took was one breath of fresh air to have me hooked.

I quietly gathered clothes and shoes. I placed the baby monitor by my husband and whispered "We are going for a walk. I have my phone." Sleepy Adam said "Please bring me home a Monster Coffee..."

I dressed quickly and went to Roo. He said "Roo get in car seat?" I shook my head no. His lip started to quiver. He said "Mommy! Stay!" I whispered "Shhh, don't wake Harper." I helped Roo change clothes, I brushed his teeth and brushed his hair. Sensing that this was a secret, Roo played along whispering "Shhh Mommy!" We tiptoed out of the house and headed down the street.

My son and I have only had one walk together, just the 2 of us, since Harper was born. Before Harper we walked a lot, but my son would fight me every step of the way. Now, he recognizes that this is special time for us. He held my hand tightly and chattered to me as we walked.

My son with his big blue eyes asked me if we could get juice. I decided why not? We headed downtown and got juice and the requested Monster Coffee drink. As we were checking out my son smiled his sweetest smile and asked for a cookie. We compromised, he got a cookie with the understanding that he could not have it until after lunch.

We walked around, we met a cute dog. The dogs owner came out and tried to give me the cute dog. We saw squirrels and we saw the train. On the way home we took a street we normally wouldn't and looped around. We saw a neighbor and stopped to visit. Before I knew it we had been gone almost 4 hours, walked 3 miles and chatted for a few hours.

We eventually made it home. We had lunch, changed clothes and went out again, I needed fabric for a project I am sewing and Roo loves tagging along. Harper doesn't enjoy the car at all! She cries as soon as she sees her car seat. That made for a long ride, but I was glad to have her with me.

The walk dominated the day, but it was a wonderful way to spend a morning.


  1. Sounds like a nice day and such a cute picture!
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