Saturday #201: 940 Saturdays Series

Oh what a rough week we had! On Saturday #201(#21 for Harper) my children and I were beat. We were just waking up as the hubby was leaving for a movie day with a pal a few cities away. The kids and I were seriously exhausted. We took the morning slowly. I chatted on the phone and Roo played with a train track set on the floor.

Around noon I knew I had to clean up the mess that had become the living room. My laundry had accumulated crazily with the sickness in our house. The amount to deal with is so serious that the only option is to face it in bursts. Fold and hang until your back hurts kind of bursts.

So, I tacked about 35 minutes of laundry which with 2 kids means I folded 4 towels and got 2 shirts on hangers. We wore mismatch socks that day... much like every other day that week.

Roo was tired. He wanted to watch the Magic School Bus on Netflix. I complied and we messed around with construction paper and crayons on the floor while Miss Harper rolled around. She started rolling around a few weeks ago and that is her favorite pass time right now.She can scoot backwards and seems to want to skip crawling as she pulls herself up to a standing position if she can grab your hands or shirt.

We tried to keep the house fairly clean. We kind of laid around in various stages of rest for most of the day. I lounged with the kids and worked for several hours. My husband returned around 5, we ordered pizza for dinner and gave the kids their baths. They went to bed and we both fell asleep early too. The week had been taxing for everyone.

Definitely not a weekend to write home about. I spent it with my kids so that was all that mattered to me.
I hope you had a chance to enjoy your family over the weekend. You only get 940 Saturdays with your kids, make the most of them!


  1. I just love this series. Adam loves Magic School Bus. I am glad you had another great Saturday.


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