940 Saturdays: Saturday #202

On Saturday #202 (#22 for Harper) we had no fun plans for the morning/afternoon. The kids and I were up early as usual. We played, we made a huge mess, we enjoyed a go with the flow kind of morning. At lunch time I realized yet again, someone needed to go to the grocery store. Ever since our double door fridge bit the dust and we downgraded to a regular old tiny model it has been a challenge to keep groceries in house. I really miss the every 3 week shop. Going every week frustrates me.  The thought of dragging both kids into a busy grocery store sounded on par with a root canal. Putting my awesome parenting skills on display I held my head high as I fed my son a kids meal from Wendy's and pushed the grocery shopping off a little bit longer.

Adam bathed the kids while I gave the house a frantic attempt at getting clean. I rushed as fast as I could to  load the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, pick up toys, pack a diaper bag and lay out clothes. The kids were off to the sitter for a few hours. My husband and I were going to dinner to celebrate his new job. He is now the librarian in one of the schools on campus in our little town. {Yay Mr. Adam!}

We planned to go to a little Italian place. We arrived early, it was cold. There was a line extending outside of the building. Waiting time was about 40 minutes. We decided not to spend the evening in line, we went to Red Lobster instead, we were seated immediately.

Drinks were ordered, we both decided on lobster. This was the first time my husband and I have been without kids in almost 4 years... so we sat there silently. He began to occupy himself with his phone. I sat there feeling like I could be somewhere else, doing something else.

After a dinner of mostly silence (conversation only when the waitress appears and chats with my husband) to keep with the fantastic vibe of the date night my husband followed our dinner with a trip to WalMart.

I went home very disappointed. Needless to say I will not be asking my husband on another date anytime in the near or distant future. He can make the effort next time and I will be mature enough  to not only speak to the server. But I may play with my phone the whole time ;0

My Saturday kinda stunk really but that is okay they can't all be fabulous! I hope you enjoyed time with your family over the weekend.


  1. I am sorry your date night didn't go well. I hope your week goes beter


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