Saturday #204

On Saturday #204 (24 for Harper) my son was excited! He had his first ever baseball practice. The morning was beautiful so we walked over to the park together. Roo was thrilled to be at baseball playing with other boys. After practice we played at the park until Roo was hungry.

After lunch we decided to venture out again. Roo needed a batting helmet. We found a tee thing for him to practice with and a wooden bat as well. He is all set for tee ball.

We decided to buy his birthday present early, a big swing set is sitting in a shop with my name on it. I just have to pick it up. He is going to love it! Our plan is to assemble it while he is sleeping, then let him venture outside to play on his birthday and find it.

After shopping for Roo's big 4th birthday and his new adventure in tee ball we went home. I had shopped my heart out. Maybe I should rename this series 940 Saturdays the Shopping Edition? It seems like that is how we spend our weekends....


  1. I thought that's when most family spent their money.... ;)


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