940 Saturday's: Saturday #208

On Saturday #208 (#28 for Harper) nothing exciting happened. The morning was spent trying to keep my son clean for baseball pictures... I failed and tossed him in the bathtub at the last minute.

After that was finished I mowed grass and folded laundry. Harper crawled around, exploring the house. Roo played outside. The day passed. We ordered Chinese for dinner. The day was over before I knew it.

Not an exciting weekend. I keep thinking... we did something... what am I forgetting? But I am drawing a blank, there was no exciting activity. But, that is okay. I spent the weekend with the kids.Mission Accomplished. I hope you had a great weekend. If you did anything tell me about it! As you can see my life needs a little inspiration. Laundry and lawn care are not the most exciting weekend activities.

Thanks for dropping by this installment in the 940 Saturdays series.


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