Jelly Bean Infused Rum for the Weary Mom

Thanks to Blue Chair Bay for hooking me up with the goods to create this fun drink!

Have you ever had one of those days that seemed to be the day that wouldn't end? The day where everything goes wrong, everyone is fighting, the mess is never ending and your patience wears thin?

Ladies I had that day... over and over again last week. To the point that on Friday night I said "TGIF" as I had a really fun shot of Blue Chair Bay Rum with a twist.

Jelly Bean Booze? Oh yeah!

You know, Easter was not long ago. Do you have jelly beans in abundance? We sure did. This inspired me to make Jelly Bean Infused Rum.

You will need:
15 orange jelly beans
2 shots of rum- I used Blue Chair Bay.

Place the jelly leans in a plastic container with a leak proof lid
Add 2 ounces of rum
Seal, stash in the cabinet and walk away.

I waited for 6 hours before placing the container in the fridge for a few moments.

When the kids were in bed and I was finally able to unwind I took the 2 shots. They were fun and fruity and a great twist on a much loved White Rum.

After I drank the rum and I ate the 15 jelly beans which were colorless... but they had soaked up alcohol and gave me a little kick.

I felt the stress melt away with most of my cares. I don't recommend getting intoxicated all of the time, but Dear Weary Mom, sometimes you have flat out earned a drink! This is the drink to try as it will soothe your weariness away, at least for an evening!


  1. OMG, this is so cool. I have some bacardi but no jellybeans, although I'm doing a grocery shop tomorrow so I'll be sure to add jelly beans to the list!


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