Marital Bliss: If the Shoe Fits

Thanks to Lugz for sending a cool pair of shoes to inspire this post.

Marriages have good moments, bad moments and cringe inducing moments. My husband Adam makes me laugh until I cry, he makes me smile, groan in frustration, and debate how to update his wardrobe.

Adam is well dressed, don't get me wrong. During working hours he wears slacks and great shirts, but off the clock... laughter gets me by on some days. He has about 10 super hero t shirts, he wears one of these shirts every weekend. I tell him {rude? yes...} "I hate your shirt..." every weekend. He replies with "Everyone else likes them."  It never fails, some random stranger will approach my husband and tell him they love his t shirt. We both laugh about it. He keeps wearing them, I keep telling him the washing machine might accidentally start eating them.

My dear, Super Hero t shirt loving husband also has not the most stylish sense in footwear. He has great hiking boots, he wears Crocs at home... but his sneakers? Oh my gosh. Words will never do justice to what an image will convey.

When Lugz offered to send a pair of mens shoes that judgy wife in me felt victorious! Finally, one battle down without even saying a word.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Burke Linen sneaker for men.

The Burke Linen is a casual street sneaker with a laid back street style that’s easy to pull together when you’re on the go.

The Burke Linen features:

Linen Upper

Moc toe design
Waxy laces
Cushioned insole
Rubber outsole

I really love the olive color, it looks great on my husband. He liked it too. He usually opts for black or brown so olive was a step in a new direction for Adam. I liked that they look stylish, he can wear these with his t shirts on the weekend, or he can match them with an outfit for work on Friday.

Adam liked them all around, he said they are comfortable, he loves the style and the color. The shoes are durable and easy to keep clean, after trips to the mall, t ball games, and treks in the woods they still look great.

Now that the shoes are taken care of... on to those t shirts.

Give Dad the gift of style this year for Father's Day. Lugz has a great assortment of fashionable footwear for the entire family.


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