My Love

On Mothers Day, I don't really think of me. I don't feel that I should be celebrated for giving birth to my children, nor should I be doted on for caring for them. They are my kids, it is my duty to care for them. No applause is needed or desired.

On Mothers Day, I don't really want someone else cooking and cleaning for me. No offense, but I do things in my own way. I don't slave away, day in and day out. Sure I work hard, but I respect myself enough to hire a housekeeper for a few hours a month. I might grumble about my housekeeping duties sometimes, but I am mostly happy to do them. Some of them I enjoy entirely too much. Please don't deprive me of the strange zen I get from unloading the dishwasher because it is Mothers Day.

On Mothers Day, I don't want to sleep in. Sure I mutter a curse word every morning when I wake up, but I cannot stay in bed and rest when my kids are awake. My love is stronger than my need for sleep.
My kids will be grown soon enough. They will sleep late on weekends and I will have to drag them out of bed. I cherish every morning with them. Even the bad ones, especially now that I see how fleeting they are.

On Mothers Day, I don't want a snazzy gift or a day away. I don't think that spending the day without my kids is much of a day at all. You know, I buy what I like when I like it. But what I want for Mothers Day can't be bought. 

On Mothers Day, I think of my kids. Of the lessons they are teaching me now. At 3 and 7 months. How they give me the drive to make my life memorable. How I have evolved since they came into my life. How my heart has grown. How my priorities have changed. 

On Mothers Day, I want to spend the day, being a mommy. Kissing boo boos. Mixing bottles, changing diapers. I want to read stories, play outside and delight in the laughter of my children. I want to bask in the glory of my love for these amazing little people. I want to renew my commitment to being the best mom I can be, but this year I want to leave that lurking shadow of the perfect mom behind. I want to lead my children down the right path by setting a good example while letting them know that sometimes the good stuff isn't what seems perfect, but what is messy. I want them to know that sometimes you have to sift through the rubbish to find the treasure. 

More than anything I want them to know that the depth of my love for them is endless. Roo and Harper, I am, as always, honored to be your mother. 

Happy Mothers Day to all of the Moms out there. I hope that your family showers you with love, not only today on Mothers Day, but on everyday of the year.


  1. such a lovely post. I love your outlook on Mothers Day. I hope you had a great day spending time with the kids


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