Saturday #206

On Saturday #206 (#26 for Harper) we went to baseball practice in the morning. Roo loves being on a team, but he really doesn't get it. He is 3, and the experience is good for our family. He tries, he will catch on soon!

After baseball we had lunch and ran into the city. You know what that means. We shopped. I was thrilled to find cheesecloth on clearance and a few fun Easter trinkets I want to incorporate into a sensory bin

We came home early. I threw together dinner and gave the house a quick cleaning. Roo and his Daddy practiced baseball and Harper had a mini nap. 

After dinner {asparagus, crab cakes and yummy little boiled potatoes} we gave the kids bubble baths and read a few stories. Then it was time for bed. I am always shocked at how fast our weekends pass by. It seems like we play, eat, shop, sleep.

Saturday # 206 was not overly exciting. The kids were adorable as always. We did typical things, but we did them together. Mission accomplished.

I hope that you had a chance to enjoy your children over the weekend. If you enjoyed this installment of 940 Saturdays... maybe you need a hobby...{just kidding!}. 


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  2. I love reading about your Saturdays. I am glad that you had another great Saturday and you spent it as a family


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