Saturday #207

On Saturday #207 (27 for Harper) a truck was rented and a big 4th birthday gift was picked up. Short on time, a quick shower was had and the kids and I went to baseball. The game was cute, my son was not interested in playing baseball, but he was interested in slipping over to the playground... he is cute and he is rotten! How I love that boy.

We installed a new car seat after the game for little Miss Harper, I felt better about that as the way her head slumped forward in the Graco seat we were using.

I really didn't want to do anything that day. I have been in a personal funk lately. So when the game ended I came home to mow grass. We ordered out for dinner and I was happy to let my inner geek shine by working on a Saturday night after my kids were sleeping soundly. I bored {Mr.} Adam and he was quietly snoozing in a chair while I made the most of the quiet time.

Not an exciting weekend, but it was what I needed. I hope you has time to enjoy your children. Thanks for reading about one of our 940 Saturdays.


  1. glad that you had another great Saturday.Quiet time is so nice.


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