First Pet Pal Craft

My little boy loves animals. He wants to play with our cat, who is not down with playing. He begs the dogs to "Come outside to play" but they are older and they don't play much anymore. When we go to the grocery store Roo begs to see the fish. He wants a pet of his own so badly.

While I indulge Roo whenever I can, I realize he isn't ready for the responsibility of a live animal. I had an idea to satisfy his need for a pal to love through a cute little craft {super easy to do too}.

To make a First Pet Pal you will need:

Pom Poms
A marker

First glue the pom poms together as you like to form a body. We did one with 3 segments and we did one with only 1 pom pom for a body.

Next glue on smaller pom poms for ears. You could also use them for noses, eyes or ears.

Then draw on a happy face.

After the glue had dried I handed Roo his First Pet Pal that we made and he was very pleased. I asked Roo what it was, he told me it was a bug. He carried his bug around all afternoon.  We made a little house for his new pet out of a toilet paper roll.

Roo couldn't wait to show his new first pet, the bug off to anyone that would look. We made  a few of these because it was fun!


  1. So adorable! And while I love pets, I must admit the idea of one that doesn't require any clean-up is appealing! lol!


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