Saturday #210

On Saturday #210 the kids and I were up enjoying a peaceful morning. My son so sweetly comes up to me and says "Hold Mommy's hand." I said "You want to hold my hand?" Roo says "Take a walk and hold Mommy's hand?" His blue eyes sparkled with hope.

I hadn't planned for a walk that morning, but sometimes you must live in the moment.

I told him "Yes, we can hold hands on a walk. Let's get dressed!" It took about 20 minutes, I tiptoed into the master bedroom and let Adam know we were leaving.

The sun was shining and it was a lovely day! We walked towards the train tracks. Along the way a group of puppies ran out to greet us. Roo laughed and was so happy! Harper likes seeing Roo smile, so she was offering happy baby noises too.

Roo was delighted that the train went by, and to make it even better the engineer waved to him. His smile was fantastic.

We walked downtown, got a juice at Roo's request. Then headed home. We went to t ball and ran errands.

The day flew by, but it was nice. My kids were happy, I spent the day with them. Mission Accomplished!


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