Saturday #211

On Saturday #211 (#31 for Harp) most of my family was ill. The kids both had a viral infection that was definitely not fun for anyone. Looking back a few weeks as I play catch up here, I recall it being a very sad weekend. I can handle most anything, but my kids being sick and unhappy is a deal breaker. That causes me pain too!

With everyone feeling sick we took it easy. There were lots of naps and snuggles for the kids and lots of cleaning for Mom. {Mr.} Adam wasn't feeling well either, so I was kind of on my own.

After I had cleaned until I could clean no more,I worked for a few hours then I lounged on the sofa with a good book (About a Boy) and a few episodes of the Wonder Years on Netflix.

I didn't have the heart to cook dinner for one, so I made a sandwich and went back to work. Lucky for me, my furry entourage was willing to keep me company and they secretly liked the quiet of the house and the chance to have me all to themselves. I spent the evening with a dog to me left, a dog at my feet and a cat behind me on the back of the sofa. All in all it was not a bad way to spend an evening, I just wish my kids had felt better.

I hope your Saturday was spent in better health, and that you had the chance to spend time with the people you love.


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