Saturday #212

On Saturday #212 (#32 for Harper) Roo was feeling much better! Harper was still a work in progress, but she kept her good attitude and a big smile.

Roo turned on the charm and asked to take a walk. He didn't beat around the bush, he wanted to walk to see the train, then go get juice and a cookie. I love to take walks with Roo so I agreed. Harper stayed home with her Daddy and Roo and I set out into the sun drenched morning.

The train did not go by, which was disappointing to my little boy. He loves the train and everything stops if he can hear it (we live kinda close to the tracks). But we kept walking, soon the train was forgotten as he was noticing birds, dogs, signs and best of all:  Motorcycles!!

Roo got his juice (A $3 Spongebob juice. WTH! I let this kid talk me into these things all the time because he is cute and I love him. Evil marketing people...) He decided he didn't want a cookie, but he wanted M&M's. I agreed, with the understanding that they would be for later. Like after dinner later. Like in a long time. He was okay with that. {Whew!}

We walked home, holding hands and talking. Roo has made huge improvements in his speech. It is so nice to have a conversation with him.

When we got home Harper was asleep, so we ventured out into the backyard. We enjoyed the morning sun and the chance to get the dogs outside. When she woke up everyone was ready to see her. She is sweet and cuddly. A lovely baby.

The day continued on as normal, we did all of the normal things. I mowed, we had dinner, I worked. It was a nice day, and I considered the mission of spending Saturday together accomplished.


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