Saturday #213

On Saturday #213 (33 for Harper) everyone was healthy. The day was spent much like all of the others as of the last few months, at baseball.

Now, to be honest. I am behind on this series. Like several weeks behind, so I am trying to play catch up. Details are fuzzy at best. Now that it is summer and {Mr.} Adam is home, the days all run together. So... the next few posts in this series may or may not be accurate...

After baseball I believe I came home to pack a lunch. We are trying a new family hobby of geocaching. To be honest, I do not love the new hobby. I like walking with the kids, but I am not going to go digging around to find these things. I go strictly for moral support.

The kids grew tired of geocaching, so we took a walk around the lake and made a stop at the swing sets. Roo was happy to get in a little playing time. He sweetly asked of we could get ice cream. Being on a diet, ice cream was the last thing I needed, but Roo is little! He earned it and he very wisely told his dad that Harper wanted ice cream too, no one says no to Harper. Since everyone else was eating junk food I caved and had a sundae which promptly made me feel sick... lesson learned.

After geocaching, lunch, ice cream and tons of walking the kids were tired. We headed home to tuck little ones into bed.

The day was well spent. I am sure I forgot a few details, but you get the idea of Saturday #213 out of 940.


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