Saturday #214

On Saturday #214 (34 for Harper) the kids and I were up early as is the norm. Roo wanted to take a walk, and I thought that was a good idea. I had hopes of walking some of the rotten out of him before his baseball game.

We walked for about a mile and a half. The morning was lovely. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. My kids were sweet. I couldn't ask for much more.

Baseball was cute. Roo tried. He went home happy. I took advantage of the sunny day and tackled my lawn care duties while Miss Harper had a nap.

Harper is getting so big! She is gorgeous, has the craziest cutest hair ever. She loves her brother and wants to be wherever he is. Sometimes I grab her and we get in bed with Roo in the morning, she sees him and she squeals with happiness. She crawls over to him and puts her face up against his with a huge smile.

Later that day we took a walk at Lowe Volk, which was semi nice until we got deep enough in the woods to be attacked by mosquitoes despite using repellant.

We kept the last weekend of the school year quiet. I felt that I spent it with my kids and we were outside for most of the day, so it was a success.


  1. Harper is so cute. Glad that you had another great Saturday


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