Saturday #215-#221

Okay, here it is... I have somehow lost 9 Saturdays in the last 18 months. I keep trying to catch up to no avail. So I am going to admit defeat and play catch up....

 Saturday #215 (#35 for Harp) Saturday #216 ( #36 for Harp) Saturday #217 (#37) Saturday #218 (#38) Saturday #219 (#39) Saturday #220 (#40) Saturday #221 (#41) I have no idea what we did on these missing Saturdays! In reality they were spent at t ball- but me being the ditz I can be didn't realize how behind I was in this series until I realized... Harp is not 34 weeks old.

Since I have no real family tales to tell I will show you photos of my life.

Roo and Jae- Best Buds

Roo exploring the statues at the Kingwood

Roo at Kingwood again

They are multiplying?! I found a baby in my laundry.

Happy Harper at the park making friends and influencing people.

Happy girl!

Hey! It's me! Sweet Silly Sara

Roo getting ready to hit one out of the park?

Goofy boy!

Roo gives Harp a lot of kisses, she loves it!

Mom was cleaning in the kitchen so Roo said he would have his snack in the kitchen to keep me company.

Roo likes to hold Harper and watch tv... Harper likes to be held by Roo so it works well.

Hey! We wore this girl out finally!

Roo and {Mr.} Adam in the woods.

Harper chilling in the stroller.

Proud boys with their medals from t ball.

Okay, the series will continue as it should from this point forward... Thanks for bearing with me!


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