On the Farm Book and Play Session

We received a copy of this book to facilitate this post and activity.

Roo and I had the chance to read a new book together last week called On the Farm illustrated  by Salina Yoon.  While the book was a little out of his age range, Roo was not to be deterred by a baby book.

I thought the book was adorable. My son is fascinated by animals, barns, tractors and farmers. He loved that there were spots in the book to add a puzzle piece of the animal the page was about. He had a lot of fun with that.

When we got to the end and he saw the pop up aspect of the book he was surprised, thrilled, and encouraged to start the book over and tell his little sister the story. Harper was banned from touch the book... she tried to eat it {babies, gotta love their method of learning via the mouth.}

After we read the book we made a little play session for the senses in a barnyard theme.

We got a few farm animal figures, greenish colored moon sand and a few squiggly pieces of paper and a few plastic trees. We had the perfect barnyard- {the box our Melissa and Doug instrument set came in}. It was time to play.

Now, I am only semi brave for encouraging indoor sand play... notice I used a plastic tray in the bottom of the barnyard to minimize messes...

I added the greenish moon sand and a few animals. I asked Roo what the animals were doing. He said "eating!" and made them eat grass.

I handed him the trees to arrange as he liked.

Then I introduced the brown squiggly paper. I told him that animals eat hay. He caught on quickly. The animals ate grass and hay. 

After the farm animals were fed, we talked about what color the animals are, and what sounds they make.

All in all it was a fun activity and story! We have been playing in the barnyard every day since introducing the book and the idea for play. 


  1. sounds like a super fun book and great for some imaginative play!

  2. Great idea. My kids would love this.

  3. Books that inspire play sessions are the best!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!


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