Saturday #224

Saturday #224 (44 for Harp) was the weekend of the 4th of July. On Saturday we woke up fairly early and headed north to a little town called Willard. A little festival was underway and we intended to enjoy the day. While I am not much for festivals and fairs, my family loves going to them. Roo likes the rides, Harper likes the smells and lights.

Roo was pleased as could be to get a wristband and unlimited rides. For being such a small festival they had a nice assortment of rides suitable for a 4 year old. We agreed on an hour of rides  due to the heat and let Roo lead the way. His face was priceless, he had a blast. I felt kind of bad that he had to ride solo on most rides, Roo didn't care. I was thankful that when Harper is old enough she will have her brother to keep her company, and thankful that Roo didn't care. He was just happy to be riding whatever rides he wanted.

After his hour of fun he was hungry. He was trying to talk us into french fries at the festival, but I am not one to eat fair food so I made a compromise, if he would leave the festival without a fight, without crying we could have lunch at McDonald's... that was an easy deal for Roo. He was happy to find there was a play place attached to this McDonald's, Harper was happy that they had yogurt. She is easy to please.

After Roo had his lunch and got a fun play session he was pretty tired. We made the drive home and planned to go to the fireworks in our town, but the kids could not stay up that late. The display started at 10, they were both snoozing at 8. The day had exhausted them. The sun and heat had zapped everyone energy.

The day was fun for my kids which means I was a happy mom. When I was tucking Roo in I asked him if he had a good day. He gave me a big hug and said "Uh huh...." He was too tired to say much else. A day well spent brings happy sleep, true story.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy your family over the weekend.


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